Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Dentures are the replacement of missing teeth in jaw line. It is removable. As it can easily be taken out of mouth and can be placed easily back to mouth. People need time to get used to it and it feels artificial not natural. Now a days dentures look more natural and comfortable. Dentures are of two types i.e. full and partial. Dentures are selected according to the requirement of patient. Full dentures have an acrylic flesh colored base which is attached to them and help in proper fixation. There are two main types of full dentures i.e. immediate dentures and conventional dentures.

Male Celebrities with Dentures

Teeth are an important part in developing our personality. So celebrities focus on their teeth keenly. Most of the patients have gone through dental surgery and fixed fake dentures. But here are some male celebrities who are using dentures. These male celebrities are ben Affleck, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Clark gable, Jon bon jovi, Joe Biden, Lou reed, Ed McMahon and many more. Most of the celebrities with dentures are old or have some dental problems. Dentures make their personality more attractive. Full dentures are preferred as compare to partial dentures.

Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Female Celebrities with Dentures

There are a lot of female celebrities who are using dentures because women are more conscious about their look as compare to men. But celebrities are celebrities no matter male or female. So the female celebrities with dentures are Florence Henderson, Emma Watson, Nicole polizzi, Janice Dickinson, Hilary duff, Victoria beckham, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tulisa, Catherine zeta jones, Jennifer garner, demi Moore, Celine Dion and many more. Female celebrities with dentures are more in number as compare to male celebrities. Most of the female celebrities prefer removable dentures instead of dental surgery because it has less complications and easy to use.

Celebrities with Full Dentures

Usually celebrities prefer full dentures if their dental condition is affecting most of the teeth on jaw line. Full dentures are easy to wear and remove. As full dentures covers the upper palate of mouth and covers the whole jaw bone. Celebrities using full dentures include tom cruise, Hilary duff, George Clooney, Victoria beckham, Courtney love, Chris rock, Winston Churchill, ben Affleck, 50 cent, Jim Carrey, Catherine zeta jones, Nicolas cage and many more. Full dentures used by celebrities are usually conventional but some of the celebrities does not feel comfortable so they prefer immediate dentures.

Celebrities with Partial Dentures

There are a lot of celebrities with minor dental issues so they wear partial dentures. Partial dentures include 2 to 3 teeth and sometimes 4. Partial dentures are sometimes not comfortable because these can cause irritation and scars due to friction. Celebrities with partial dentures may include Gary busy, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tom cruise and many other celebrities. These celebrities have dental issue with 1 or 2 teeth so they prefer partial dentures. There are a lot of celebrities who still hide the truth about using dentures because they want them to look real.