Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are basically misaligned teeth. When mouth is small in size and does not fit all teeth in an aligned way, then teeth try to fix them by over lapping. And this overlapping leads to crooked or misaligned teeth. Sometimes the upper and lower jaw are not the same size due to malformation. If the protrusion of upper jaw is excessive, then it may result in over bite. But if lower jaw show excessive protrusion, then it may result in under bite. Usually crooked teeth are inherited from parents to their offsprings but there are also some secondary causes.

Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Male Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Teeth are an important part of personality that's why many celebrities are worried about their teeth. Alighned teeth are attractive as compare to misaligned teeth. So many celebrities have undergone dental surgery to align their teeth. Some of the famous celebrities with crooked teeth are Morgan Freeman, Ricky gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Lindsay lohan, Zac efron, Tom cruise, Steve buscemi, Mike Tyson, John heder, Elliot yamin and many more. These celebrities have surely undergone dental surgery for perfect looking teeth. It is observed that crooked teeth are more common in men as compare to women.

Female Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Along with men, there Are also many female celebrities who have crooked teeth and have undergone or looking for dental surgery. Aligned teeth gives them confidence to smile in public. Female celebrities are more conscious about their beauty, so they pay more attention to them. Some of the famous female celebrities with crooked teeth are Kristen dunst, Madonna, Hillary Duff, Amy winehouse, Avril Lavigne, jewel, Hillary and many other celebrities. These celebrities have corrected their teeth with surgery. Mostly celebrities are not willing to show about their crooked teeth but there are some celebrities too who proudly show their misaligned teeth.

Celebrities with Crooked Bottom Teeth

There are a lot of celebrities who feel comfortable with their crooked teeth. Mostly celebrities have crooked front teeth but some of the celebrities have crooked bottom teeth. So celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are Katy Perry, gotye, Avril Lavigne, Keira Knightley, will Ferrell, Madonna and some other celebrities. Celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are less in number as compare to celebrities with crooked front teeth. Usually celebrities with crooked bottom teeth does not require surgery because their upper jaw is in good alignment and their lower jaw does not show up while smiling or laughing.

Celebrities with Crooked Front Teeth

Celebrities with crooked front teeth are more in number. These celebrities include Steve buscemi, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, Woody harrelson, Ricky gervais, jewel, Kristen dunst, seal, Anna paquin, Jon heder, Vanessa paradis, Georgia may jagger, Lara stone and many other celebrities. Crooked front teeth requires surgery for the alignment because upper front teeth show up whenever person smile or laugh. Misaligned teeth does not look good and mostly people does not feel comfortable with these crooked teeth. So surgical correction of teeth is necessary for good looks.