Colpectomy Meaning, Procedure, Complications, Recovery, Sucess rate

Vaginectomy is another name of colpectomy. Colpectomy is the surgical procedure which is performed to remove a part or whole vagina. Basically it is specified as a treatment for vaginal cancer. Vaginectomy is also performed to change the gender of a person by female to male sex reassignment surgery. It is performed to completely remove vagina and replace it with a penis to change the gender of a person. Radical vaginectomy is the term used for the complete removal of vagina. Other than this, partial vaginectomy is the term used for the removal of one part of vagina (this part may be upper or lower).

Colpectomy Procedure

Colpectomy is of two main types i.e. radical and partial vaginectomy. In radical vaginectomy, the whole vagina is removed. It is selected in case of pelvic malignant cancer. Pelvic malignant cancer involves or encroaches the vagina. It is indicated in special and rare cases. Partial vaginectomy is performed to remove the malignant part of the vagina. In this procedure, the epithelial lining is removed from the vaginal part without disturbing the adjacent tissues of paracolpium. It is not a simple procedure and a specialist is requires for this surgery. As disturbing the adjacent cells during surgery may spread the cancer.

Colpectomy Meaning, Procedure, Complications, Recovery, Sucess rate

Colpectomy Complications

Colpectomy is not a simple surgery and may cause various complications in patient. As it is specific for vaginal cancer so after surgery, patient may experience anorectal tumor. Mostly people experience surgical complications. These complications mainly include the perineal wound. In case of vaginal radical vaginectomy, there may be perineal incision which can complicate the surgery. Another surgical complication include spreading of cancer to the surrounding area. As spreading of cancer may prove fatal for patient and leads to death. After radical vaginectomy, sexual parts may not work properly and become sensitive.

Colpectomy Recovery

Colpectomy is the cancer treatment which requires special attention. On the basis of data collected about patients who had colpectomy shows that the recovery time is variable according to the tolerance of patient. It also depends upon the type of treatment i.e. radical or partial vaginectomy. Some patients reported slight pain in the pelvic region while some reported unbearable pain. The average recovery time recorded is around 6 months. These six months require complete bed rest and there are some activity restrictions which should be followed. But some of the patients recover within 2 months of surgery.

Colpectomy Success Rate

Colpectomy is a successful surgical procedure which has more than 50 percent success rate. Patients with colpectomy have to be careful about activity restrictions. Almost 80 percent of patients recover successfully from colpectomy whether it is radical vaginectomy or partial vaginectomy. Talking about the reoccurrence rate of colpectomy, there are 20 percent chances of re-occurrence of malignant cancer in vagina. Special care is required to beat the re-occurrence of malignant cancer. If it reoccurs after partial vaginectomy, then 2nd time there are chances that radical vaginectomy may be performed because of spreading of cancer in the whole vagina.

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