Male & Female Celebrities With Big Noses

Noses are the important part of face. A beautiful nose is about face i.e. the shape of nose should be according to the face. Not everyone have beautiful nose. Some people have humped nose, a big nose or tilted nose. If the size of nose is bigger than the other parts of face, then it is considered as big nose. People mostly do not feel comfortable with their big noses. They think of themselves ugly just because of their big noses. Big noses are not common. Big noses can be genetically transferred to their children during pregnancy or there may be any external factor behind it.

Male & Female Celebrities With Big Noses

Male Celebrities With Big Noses

Celebrities with big noses are rare but damn attractive. Here are some male celebrities with big noses considered the hottest celebrities of media industry. Adrien Brody has a big nose, but he is attractive too. Bob Dylan also has a big nose. Gerard Depardieu has bigger nose which looks awkward. LL Cool J has big nose but looks good on him. Martin Scorsese had big deshaped nose but he is damn hot. Luis Guzman has bigger nose which does not suit him. The most attractive, hot and dashing celebrity of Hollywood with bigger nose is Owen Wilson.

Female Celebrities With Big Noses

There are more female celebrities in media industry than male celebrities. There are number of female celebrities who have big noses. Some of the celebrities feel comfortable with their big nose look but most of the female celebrities undergo surgery to reshape their noses. These celebrities does not show the news of their surgery because they wants to look perfect naturally. Well starting from Bollywood industry, a lot of female celebrities have big noses. But they have undergo surgery to reshape their noses.

Lake bell has big nose, Meryl Streep, Lizzy caplan had big nose but later on she had surgery. UMA Thurman has big nose which suits her. Lea Michelle has big nose. Sofia Coppola, Barbara Streisand has big nose which does not suits her. Still she is considered attractive. Penelope cruz has big nose but not that much big to make her ugly. Giselle bundchen and Rachel weisz has ugly looking big noses. A beautiful celebrity named Claire Danes looks beautiful with her big nose. Rosemarie Dewitt has a big nose too. Kate Winslet a famous and beautiful celebrity if media industry has big nose.

Black Celebrities With Big Noses

Blacks are famous for having bigger noses than usual. So their celebrities have big noses too. Black celebrities with big noses are Janet Jackson (a famous singer), another singer named alicia keys has big nose. An actor (male) with big nose is sheemar Moore. A female singer named amerie has big nose. Leona Lewis had plastic surgery of her big nose to resize and reshape it. An actor LL cool J is also a rapper. He has big nose but he does not undergo plastic surgery because he feels comfortable with his big nose.