Paroxysmal Finger Hematoma Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Paroxysmal hand hematoma is a condition in which bruising occurs on hand. The bruising may be sudden. Paroxysmal hand hematoma is also termed as Achenbach syndrome. This hematoma is benign in nature and does not spread to other fingers of hand. It may occur on one finger or on all fingers. It is neither rare nor common condition. Less than 40 cases of paroxysmal hand hematoma have been reported. it is a skin condition described as focal hemorrhage which occurs spontaneously on fingers or palm.

It occurs on the anterior side of hand. Patient experience pain which may be transitory and localized. On the onset of paroxysmal hand hematoma, swelling occurs and the skin turns bluish in color. The symptoms of paroxysmal hand hematoma are localized. At 1st a single nerve is seen which becomes red in color but later the capillaries bursting out from this vein spread redness around and makes it painful. Some people at initial stages, tries to keep their hand above body level. Which makes the blood circulation slow and reduces pain. A surgeon revealed that it has great influence on estrogen. Somewhere it can cause polycystic liver which may prove fatal for patient.

Paroxysmal Finger Hematoma Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Paroxysmal Hand Hematoma Symptoms

Talking about the symptoms of paroxysmal hand hematoma, it causes pain on the affected finger. Pain is localized and does not spread on whole hand. The color of the finger turns purplish blue and at the time of onset it turns red in color. The finger or palm becomes swollen. Most of its symptoms resembles inflammation. The paroxysmal hand hematoma occurs usually on the middle and index finger. It occurs on the inner or palmer side of hand. Other symptoms may involve its effects on the production of estrogen. Estrogen leads to polycystic liver which is fatal for patient.

Paroxysmal Hand Hematoma Causes

Paroxysmal hand hematoma is the condition which is spontaneous and there is not any proper reason behind it. It may occurs in response to any trauma. Any small lesion which involves the nerves of hand contribute towards the development of paroxysmal hand hematoma. The involvement of nerves leads to the redness and pain in hand. There is not any other reason behind its occurrence. It is benign in nature and does not spread from finger to finger. The pain and symptoms of paroxysmal are localized which makes the treatment easy for patient.

Paroxysmal Hand Hematoma Treatment

The treatment of paroxysmal hand hematoma, it is a self-limiting condition which may resolve on its own. Its etiological factors are still unknown. It occurs on its own suddenly and resolves on its own after some time. The paroxysmal hand hematoma if occurs due to any kind of minor trauma or lesion then topical antibiotics may be used to control infection. Redness will last no longer. After a few days of its onset, it start recovering itself. 1st of all the pain intensity and swelling reduces. Pain killers are prescribed to reduce the intensity of pain.

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