Vestibuloplasty Definition, Techniques, Procedure, Indications

Vestibuloplasty is a surgical procedure which is performed in oral cavity. Basically it is a surgical modification which is performed to enhance the gingival mucous membrane. Other than this, it is also performed for rearrangement of extensive tissue and to enhance bone density. During vestibuloplasty, the height and width of the gum is enhanced. The extent of surgery varies according to the bone loss incurred. The surface area is also a factor upon which the extent of surgery depends. The vestibular extension area may extend anywhere i.e. from outside the gums to the inner side of cheeks.

People who wear dentures with the time will notice that the space is increasing between teeth and dentures. And these dentures then requires realignment or refitting of new dentures. Whether there is one tooth missing, or the whole mouth is empty the gums and bone are gonna deteriorate. When every single tooth is lost, then the bone tissue got absorb by the body causing shrinkage. The coverings and membranes covering the tooth also diminishes. Vestibuloplasty is performed to recover all these above mentioned losses. It is a simple process and can be performed easily with lesser complications. It is indicated for some specific conditions of mouth.

Vestibuloplasty Definition, Techniques, Procedure, Indications

Vestibuloplasty Technique

The technique of vestibuloplasty is a simple technique in which a small incision is made on the midline through mucous. This is performed under local anesthesia. It extend from mucogingival junction in to the lip. By blunt spreading, the mucosa is separated. The submucosa is spreaded to right and left side. Like this, a tunnel is formed between mucosa and submucosa. It passes through mucogingival junction to the lip and cheeks. Additional vertical incisions can be made on molars and premolars. These vertical incisions are made for the purpose of dissection of posterior regions.

Vestibuloplasty Procedure

Vestibuloplasty is a surgical procedure which is performed to enhance the oral cavity. Vestibuloplasty is performed to smooth out the jaw bone. The alveolar ridge is restored via vestibuloplasty. Vestibuloplasty procedure is performed to readjust the height of alveolar ridge. This is done by lowering the muscles and make them attach to buccal, labial and lingual jaw aspect. The procedure is performed according to the type of vestibuloplasty. It is performed under the effect of local anesthesia and an incision is made to make a way to the inner layers which are deeper than mucosal and submucosal layer.

Vestibuloplasty Indications

Vestibuloplasty is an oral surgeon procedure which is performed for various reasons. Whenever a single teeth fall or the whole jaw is okay with the teeth, the gums and bones got deteriorate. To control this deterioration, vestibuloplasty is performed. After losing every single teeth, the bones get absorbed by the body. This may happen in response to the conventional dentures which are tissue supported. This absorption of bones leads to the loss of vestibule and decreased surface area for the support of denture. As a treatment, vestibuloplasty is performed. Vestibuloplasty repairs the loss of vestibule in oral cavity.

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