Aliqopa/Copanlisib Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for relapsed follicular lymphoma

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for relapsed follicular lymphoma. The FDA granted the approval of Aliqopa to Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

US FDA approved new drug Aliqopa that contains active pharmaceutical ingredient copanlisib for the treatment of recurrent or relapsed follicular lymphoma in adult patients. Aliqopa basically belongs to a class known as Class I phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors. US FDA granted accelerated approval of Aliqopa due to its effective response rate.

Follicular lymphoma is a characterized as type of blood cancer in which body synthesize abnormal B lymohocytes that fight against infection and diseases. Abnormal B lymphocytes turned into lymphoma cells and builds up in lymph nodes. This is slow growing form of blood cancer and also categorized as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Some commonly observed symptoms of follicular lymphoma are tenderness, consistent weight loss, sweating during night time, palpitations, low grade fever, generalized weakness and weak immunity.

Exact underlying cause of follicular lymphoma is not yet well understood. However, many researchers and scientists believe that genetic predisposition, continuous exposure to toxic chemicals, radiations, environmental factors and sedentary lifestyle are main leading causes of follicular lymphoma. Proper diagnosis can only be done via lymph nodes biopsy. Radioactive scans can also be used to
to diagnose follicular lymphoma.

Aliqopa/Copanlisib mechanism of action is that it inhibits proliferation of primary malignant B cell lines and causes death of tumor cells via apoptosis. Aliqopa/Copanlisib also blocks several pathways like  B-cell receptor (BCR) signaling that triggers proliferation of  lymphoma cells.

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for relapsed follicular lymphoma

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Side effects

According to health authorities following side effects were noted during clinical trials of Aliqopa/Copanlisib.
  • Increase blood glucose levels
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • Generalized weakness
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anemia
  • Increase susceptibility to infection
  • neutropenia

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Uses or Prescribing Information

US FDA approved this drug for the treatment of  relapsed follicular lymphoma (FL) in adult patients who have received at least two prior systemic therapies. Withhold drug  in case of severe infection of hyperglycemia until they completely resolved.

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Dosage

Aliqopa/Copanlisib is formulated in the form of injection for parenteral administration in single dose vial containing 60 mg Aliqopa/Copanlisib as a lyophilized solid  for reconstitution. Standard dosage frequency of Aliqopa/Copanlisib is 60mg intravenously in 1 hour on first day of therapy then repeat it on day 8 and 15.

Aliqopa/Copanlisib Cost

This drug is administered by your healthcare practitioner (HCP), which usually means:
  • It may comes under special items category.
  • You cannot fill this prescription in a regular pharmacy. Your doctor, hospital, or clinic will provide this  medication because of possible complications or other issues.
  • This drug is likely to be covered under your medical benefit if you have insurance.

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