Siliq/brodalumab Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for Psoriasis

Read about Siliq/brodalumab Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for Psoriasis. Siliq is marketed by Bridgewater, New Jersey-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

U.S FDA approved new medicine siliq that contains active drug brodalumab for the treatment of psoriasis in adults. Psoriasis is a common auto-immune disorder in among all populations. Psoriasis might be of different types like plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, inverse psoriasis and postular psoriasis. FDA approved Siliq for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults.

Plaque psoriasis is basically a skin disorder that intense irritation and itching on skin and leaves the skin scaly or flaky along with reddish color appearance of skin. This condition may occur without regard to gender, age or ethnicity. However, it is commonly observed that people who have family history of plaque psoriasis or other are more prone to get involved in such disorder.

Siliq/brodalumab belongs to a group termed as monoclonal antibody. Basic mechanism by which brodalumab targets plaque psoriasis is that it binds to receptor interleukin-17 that generates inflammatory mediators to aggravate plaque psoriasis. Interleukin-17 does not activate after binding to brodalumab making it unable to release inflammatory mediators to make condition worse.

Siliq/brodalumab Cost, Side effects, Dosage, Uses for Psoriasis

Siliq/brodalumab  Side effects

During clinical trials drug exhibit some side effects or adverse effects experience by adult participants. These side effects were moderate to severe e.g
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Joint pain (arthralgia)
  • Headache
  • Injection site reactions
  • Influenza
  • low white blood cell count (neutropenia)
  • Fungal (tinea) infections
  • Throat pain (oropharyngeal pain)
  • Nausea, muscle pain (myalgia)   
  • Suicidal tendency 

Siliq/brodalumab Uses 

U.S FDA approved brodalumab for the treatment of  moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults. However, you healthcare provider (HCP) may recommend you a combined therapy in order to make treatment successful and better control over disease management.

Siliq/brodalumab Dosage

This drug will be available in the form of subcutaneous injection with potency of 210mg/1.5ml (single dose prefilled syringe). Standard dosage frequency of this drug is 210mg subcutaneously (SC) once in a week consecutively for 3 weeks and then 210mg subcutaneously (SC) after every two weeks.

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