Trailer axle flip pros and cons

The Flip Axle is a full assembly frame for the axle, linked by hinge plates and pins to the rear frame. When the axle loading of the trailer reaches the gross weight that a single system would allow on each axle, the Flip Axle is used. Otherwise, in order to minimize the number of axles, the Flip Axle may be flipped up to the rear frame or removed. On-air ride suspensions, all ROGERS removable axles are there. If the flip axle is to be used with an air trailer, the Flip Axle attaches to the trailer's levelling mechanism; or if the flip axle is to be used with a mechanical suspension trailer, it comes with a hand control valve.

Trailer axle flip pros and cons

Trailer axle flip pros and cons:

Following are pros and cons of Trailer axle flip.

The most significant benefit when it comes to an axle flip is probably that it gives you more ground clearance. For all the trailers that could have RV axle flips, this can be assumed. For those who enjoy boondocking and going off-road, even with their trailers, this is particularly helpful. It's safer to prevent trailer damage from possible barriers while the trailer is higher off the ground.

Trailer axle flips often help with this problem and stop any harm that might occur for those who don't boondock but still get damaged by their trailer scraping on the ground while heading in and out of steep driveways or gas stations.

This category is for 5th wheels in general. When it comes to towing with a 5th wheel trailer, you must have a minimum of 6' clearance between the top of your truck bed and the bottom of the overhang on your 5th wheel trailer to prevent damaging your truck or trailer. They're just barely getting the clearance for others. If the trailer is too close to the truck, there's a risk you can run the trailer into the back of your truck cab as you turn corners.

You add 4-6 inches of clearance between your truck and trailer by moving the springs on your trailer axles from the bottom to the top, and there's more weight on the back of your wheels. This makes it possible for your 5th wheel trailer to be more even with your kingpin box and to spread weight more equally on both tyres.

The enhanced clearance between the trailer fenders and the tyres is another benefit of getting a trailer axle flip, especially for cargo trailers, utility trailers and pop-up camping trailers. Having this extra clearance helps you to avoid potentially rubbing the tyres on the fenders and causing premature replacement of the tyres.

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